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All Bible Classes

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Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
11/14/21 ACCEPTING GOD AT HIS WORD Jim Stauffer N/A Sun AM 11-14-2021_AM.mp3
10/24/21 CONFRONTATION WITH SATAN Jim Stauffer N/A Sun PM 10-24-21_PM_Confrontation_with_Satan.mp3
09/26/21 HAVE WE SEARED OUR CONSCIENCE? Jay Dixon N/A Gospel Meeting 09-26-21_AM_Haved_We_Seared_Our_Conscience.mp3
05/02/21 WHAT HAPPENS AFTER BAPTISM Jim Stauffer N/A Sun AM 05-02-2021_AM_After_Baptism.mp3
05/02/21 WHAT WOULD IT TAKE? Jim Stauffer N/A Sun PM 05-02-2021_PM_What_Would_it_Take.mp3
04/21/19 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit Jim Stauffer N/A Sun AM Blasphemy_of_the_Holy_Spirit_190421.1045.mp3
03/03/19 Sensuality Jim Stauffer N/A Sun PM Sensuality_190303.1417.mp3
05/06/18 Who Will Follow Jesus Warren Berkley N/A Gospel Meeting Who_Will_Follow_Jesus_180506.0924.mp3
11/06/16 Stewardship Jim Stauffer N/A Sun PM Stewardship.mp3
08/02/15 The Great Deceiver Jim Stauffer N/A Sun PM 8-2-15P_The_Great_Deceiver.mp3
10/19/14 The Word We Preach Jim Stauffer N/A Sun AM 1019A_The_Word_We_Preach.mp3
12/04/13 The Purpose And Power of Prayer Jim Stauffer N/A Gospel Meeting 1201A The Power And Purpose of Prayer.mp3
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